Self-care, in its truest form, is equal amounts caring for the physical body and the thinking mind. Objects of Desire is an exclusive, organic line of self-care products designed to nourish both. 

Luxury skincare –
All organic everything

We want to treat our bodies to the cleanest, most nourishing skin care formulas, but do not want to compromise on luxurious lathers and delicate scents. 

OOD only uses natural ingredients, and our products are loaded with essential oils, glycerin, and antioxidants. They also feel, smell, and look like the luxury products they are. We’re here to show that organic self-care isn’t all certifications and hippiecore, but just as indulgent as any of your favorite formulas. 

We are committed to producing organic, natural, and cruelty-free products, and harbor a compassionate approach to doing well by both our bodies and the planet. 

Conscious indulgences –
Raise your voice, glass, and standards

We want to surround ourselves with beautiful things, but do not want our choices to come at an unreasonable expense to our planet. Instead of vilifying the desire to buy and consume aesthetic products, we look to offer environmentally friendly options to elevate the everyday – both in the moment and years to come. 

Each of our Objects have a story that goes beyond its form and function, a contemporary movement worth standing up for, be it fighting single-use plastic or caring for the shrinking attention span. As a brand, we come with opinions, and inspiring meaningful change is equally important to us as indulgent scents and timeless design. We call this imperfect activism. Our first Object, OOD No1, is a hand soap that takes a stand against single-use plastic bottles.